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What is Nithya?

Nithya is mainly a bio-stimulator that helps in stimulating collagen production in the skin.
Collagen is a protein that gives the skin its structure and strength and it is usually degenerated naturally with age and many other factors.
The special composition of Nithya
Helps to rebuilt collagen fibres from dermal Fibroblast which will eventually result in better skin quality, decreased aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, and a youthful-fresher appearance.
It is mainly composed of a variety of amino-acids such as ( L-proline, L- Lysin, glyacin) and numerous vitamins such Vitamin C, in addition to many important minerals like Copper and Zinc which are well known in their fundamental role in inducing collagen.

Nithya injections best candidates:
Nithya is recommended for people who has skin laxity and skin aging signs and are looking for a treatment that will improve their skin quality and naturally remove some years off.

The treatment protocol is by getting several sessions in 2-4 weeks intervals.
Number of sessions is considered individually to each patient based upon the original skin condition and the patient’s goals and expectations.

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